Old Sled Sighting: Roof Top Ornament—Late 1960’s Ski Doo Elan/Olympic

SnoRiders recently spied this old Ski-Doo perched on the roof of a restaurant/pub in Golden, B.C.

A yellow snowmobile on top of a building.
An eye-catching roof ornament spotted in Golden, B.C. Photo courtesy Keith Powell

The next time you’re in Golden, B.C., look up, way up….and see if you can spy the Ski-Doo in the sky?

Here’s an Old Sled Sighting with a bit of a twist. SnoRiders recently spied this old Ski-Doo perched on the roof of a restaurant/pub in Golden, B.C.

The Dugout Bar and Grill is a local hang out popular with locals and visiting snowmobilers. They salute them both with an old Ski-Doo proudly and prominently featured high above their doorway.

Which just goes to show once again – you never know where you’ll discover an old sled sighting. Of course, Golden is one of western Canada’s most popular sledding destinations and the town has a rich legacy in the sport – so it’s not too surprising to see such a display.

Here’s how the establishment promotes itself, “The Dugout is Golden’s newest sports pub: kid-friendly with daily food and drink specials. With Center Ice Hockey on all the televisions, no games are blacked out. Whatever your favourite team, you can see them playing on any of our televisions. We also host all UFC fights. Owned by sledders for sledders!”

It’s a bit hard to tell, but the “roof top ornament” looks like a late 1960’s Olympic or Elan model of Ski-Doo. You have to agree it makes for a distinctive landmark and a great way to say the Dugout Bar and Grill is snowmobiler friendly.

One can only imagine all the stories this old machine could tell about snow riding in and around Golden.

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