Old Sled Sighting – early 1960’s Ski-Doo Olympic

The Ski-Doo Olympic was affectionately called the “bubble-head” for its round nose section.

An old 1960's Ski-Doo Olympic.
An old 1960's Ski-Doo Olympic. Photo courtesy Trish Oosterhoff

Trish Oosterhoff is an avid snowmobiler and ATV rider based out of British Columbia’s Northwest – Smithers to be exact. Earlier this year Trish posted an old sled sighting of an ancient Ski-Doo she discovered while ATVing around the "ghost town" of Dorreen. So we thought we would follow up and ask Trish about her old sled find.

“We went to go visit this old railway station site 32 kms on the east side of Terrace called Dorreen, it was built in 1902,” said Trish Oostherhoff.  “While we were touring around on all the old roads with the original homesteads we bumped into this old sled, so we were just playing around with it.”

Trish labelled her post, “Another old timer.” We’re not sure if she was referring to the sled or the rider? But we’ll assume she meant the old Ski-Doo.

The antique sled looks like an early 1960’s Ski-Doo Olympic -- affectionately called the “bubble-head” for its round nose section. These old sleds are collector favourites and many have been restored to showroom condition by enthusiasts across the snowbelt.

Thanks again, Trish Oosterhoff of Smithers for sharing this old Ski-Doo find.

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