Old Sled Sighting: 1979 Moto-Ski Futura and Yamaha Enticer Deluxe

SnoRiders reader John Dyer shares his story of how he got into collecting vintage sleds.

Picture of orange Moto-Ski
"it’s nice to look at them but much more fun riding them!" - says John Dyer, owner of this vintage 1979 Moto-Ski Futura. Photo: John Dyer

Back-to-back Yamaha Enticers—our Old Sled Zone posting last week inspired one of our readers to forward us pictures of his own vintage Yamaha Enticer plus a Moto-Ski Futura as well. So we are pleased to feature the vintage sleds of John Dyer of Edmonton. Here's how John got into collecting vintage snowmobiles:

"Three years ago I started getting interested in vintage sleds. At that time, I bought a couple of late 70’s Olympiques that ran pretty good but didn’t look so nice. I did however enjoy riding them immensely and seeing my daughter enjoy them as well. I had a chance to go on a few poker rallies riding my 2013 Summit 800 - 154” and noticed how many vintage sleds attended the poker rallies. There were a few conversations among riding buddies about buying old sleds for poker rallies."

John continues: "I was hooked…I started looking around for something old and in good shape—not a lot of luck, at least not in my price range. In the spring of 2016, I accidentally came across a fellow selling his collection and I ended up buying six sleds! Two TNT’s, one Olympique, a Citation SS, and a ’79 Moto-Ski & Yamaha - a little more than I was planning."

So what did John decide to do? "I decided to keep the Yamaha and Moto-Ski as they were in the nicest shape (restored) and mechanically sound. I have had an absolute ball riding them! Doesn’t matter where I go people stop and ask me about the sleds.  I always encourage my friends and family to take them for a “spin” and love the look on their faces when they come back. I’ve had a few people say I should show them and let them know quickly these are daily drivers! Yes, it’s nice to look at them but much more fun riding them!"

Picture of Yamaha Enticer Deluxe
A vintage Yamaha Enticer Deluxe, owned by SnoRiders reader John Dyer. Photo: John Dyer

John concludes, "I had high hopes that this year I could get to the poker rallies again riding my old sleds. Unfortunately the lack of snow in Alberta caused many rally cancellations…I’ll be optimistically looking forward to next season to enjoy again!" Then he adds, "PS: The sleds are not for sale! LOL"

Thanks to John Dyer for sharing his old sleds with us at SnoRiders. Share your photos and old sled stories with us too. Just email: [email protected]

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