Old Sled Sighting—1965 Moto-Ski 100K (Mint condition)

Congratulations to Dwayne and Kelly Grant on this great looking antique snowmobile.

Cherry red 1965 Moto-Ski sled.
A 1965 Moto-Ski 100K, owned by Dwayne Grant of Calgary. Photo courtesy Murray & Spencer Shellborn

As you know, the Edmonton Snow Show is the premiere snowmobile expo in western Canada and every year they put together a great antique and vintage line-up of old sleds, which some say is the best part of the show. This year’s show in October didn’t disappoint with dozens of vintage snowmobiles on display.

Here's a definite eye-catcher—a 1965 Moto-Ski 100K owned by Dwayne Grant of Calgary.

Year: 1965
Make: Moto-Ski
Model: 100K
Engine: Kohler BQ161
Owner: Dwayne Grant

Evidently Dwayne Grant and his son, Kelly, have traveled all over the snowbelt to share their passion for vintage snowmobiles—especially their classic Moto-Ski 100K.

According to American Snowmobiler, “Moto-Ski is one of those brands - like Massey-Ferguson - that had its own identity for a time, but then as the snowmobile industry contracted in the 1970s, it became part of something else and lost its uniqueness.”

Here’s a little insight into the history of Moto-Ski from a vintage snowmobile page devoted to Moto-Skis: "The sporty little machines were first built in LaPocatière, Québec by Jean Yves Bélanger and Raoul Pelletier in 1963. Though not their first sled endeavour as they had built an original "snow contraption" called "Le Cupidon" or "The Cupid" — Le Cupidon was green with a big windshield and a cleated track. Records tell us that the "Cupid" venture was financed by a Mr. C.E. Bouchard (Industries Bouchard) for whom Mr. Pelletier was a salesman. Mr. Bélanger was the machinist-mechanic behind the venture. Oddly enough, Mr. Bouchard owned a pharmaceutical manufacturing business (aspirin & cosmetics). Bouchard fell out of love with the "The Cupid" project or possibly ran out of cash (as an aspirin maker, maybe he didn’t like the headache his new venture was creating) which prompted Belanger and Pelletier turn their attention to starting Moto-Ski."

Moto-Ski's continue to be a popular collector sled for vintage snowmobile enthusiasts. Congratulations to Dwayne and Kelly Grant on this great looking antique snowmobile.

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