Best Sled Wrap Contest—3rd Batch

Help us decide who has the best snowmobile wrap out there by voting for your favourite

by Kirsten Armleder

Who’s got the best snowmobile wrap out there? Recently, we posed this question to our social media followers and received dozens of replies. Now, we’re asking you, the reader, to pick the best sled wrap.

There are 40+ different wraps to choose from but there can only be one winner. We’ll be releasing them in batches with the most voted wrap from each batch advancing to the final round. When only five sled wraps remain, it will be time to pick a winner. The winner will receive our Best Sled Wrap Award and a prize.

How to vote: Indicate your top choice (#1, #2, etc.) in the comments section located at the bottom of this page. Note: you will need to be signed into Facebook in order to use the comments plugin.

Also see:

Wrap #1:


"My cheetah!" Becky Frieze

Wrap #2:


"Digital ink designs and graphics." Korey Kj Johnson

Wrap #3: Chris Sawtell

Wrap #4:


Kathy Reedy

Wrap #5: Penny Cartwright

Wrap #6:


"Rehab Wraps for sure!!" Karry Simpson-Petersen

Wrap #7:


ArcticFXgraphics. Jennifer Bowman

Wrap #8:


Erica Whelan

Wrap #9:


Sarah Brady Fineout

Wrap #10:

Ann Foster

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