TAPP Clutch

TAPP Clutch
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by Submitted by Tapp Industries Published September 2011

The new billeted TAPP—which stands for Totally Adjustable Performance Product—primary clutch has been designed with high-tech features, tapping out your competition when it comes to performance and adjustability for your sled.

The TAPP Clutch works for trail or mountain riding, boondocking, racing or anything in between. TAPP primaries
improve shifting, economy and performance more than any other clutch.

Key features of the TAPP Clutch include weights and ramps that are easy to adjust and accessible. When replacing weights or ramp profiles, there is no need to remove them from the motor or disassembling clutch. The ramps have clicker-style bolts with six positions and can be set in as many as 21 different positions, thanks to the four-arm clutch design. The weights can be adjusted the same way, with opposite amounts of weight, allowing for fine adjustments and easy changes in a few moments.

Rollers are available in three sizes; this allows for additional tuning, while the compact design with multi-angle sheaves offers stronger and smoother acceleration. Extensive venting provides more surface area, resulting in cool running temperatures and an extended belt life.

The TAPP Clutch's high-tech bushing materials withstand extreme heat and provide many miles of low-maintenance operation. The centralized mass and low-inertia design provide unmatched throttle response. Designed for use with factory clutch bolt and puller, the clutch comes ready to bolt on and ride in one of three configurations: stock, mid and high HP.

More than 350 hours of 3-D modelling and design time were spent analyzing and testing every component of the TAPP Clutch to ensure the clutches would be as light and durable as possible. Many components were configured and revised up to 10 times, resulting in a product that would be the strongest and best performing on the market. The prototypes have thousands of miles logged with little to no sign of wear; the production models sold last year are still working well.

The TAPP Clutch has improved on the simple roller-weight concept used in the past, providing an incredibly smooth and easy-to-tune progressive shift. Because of this, few different ramp profiles and spring rates are required for the TAPP Clutch to work seamlessly in snowmobile applications.

Currently, the TAPP Clutch is shipping for all Ski-Doo, Yamaha and Arctic Cat four-stroke sleds—for both stock and high HP turbo applications. The TAPP Clutches will be offered at the fall show pricing of $1,599 until November 30; after this date, they will retail at the MSRP of $1,795. Contact the two current distributors or ask your local dealer to order one or you.


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