Spot Connect satellite communicator

Spot Connect satellite communicator
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Here is Kristien Larouche of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, sending her sled over a drop in the Clemina Creek zone in Valemount B.C., on January 3, 2014.

The Scoop Tamara Osborne, founder of the Betties Powersports Network working hard in the not so off season to produce this years Bettie Adventures Snowmobiling film. Snowmobile season never truly ends

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It seems everyone these days is strapping on a point-of-view camera to capture their adventures, and now that Sony, Garmin and even the Japanese bike manufacturer Shimano have entered the market, the choices in action cameras are many.

It was GoPro, though, that started the whole action cam craze, and the company’s products are still the most widespread on the market.

This snowmobiling season, my riding partner and I finally got the chance to test one of their cameras; it was the Hero 3 Black Edition, which is touted as the top-of-the-line GoPro camera—or the most expensive.

by Published November 2012

The backcountry can be dangerous and tragedy can strike at anytime; therefore, it is wise to carry a satellite tracking device, such as the Spot Satellite GPS Messenger or the Spot Connect, when on outdoor adventures.

Spot Connect is the latest model from Spot LLC, and it was released last year. The device turns your smartphone into a personal satellite communicator so that you can send messages via text and email from virtually anywhere on the planet. With Spot Connect, you can also send custom or predefined messages to family and friends, track your progress on Google Maps or send an SOS to request emergency assistance. You can even update your Twitter and Facebook pages. 

I carried the Spot Connect with me on ATVing and hiking adventures last summer, and I won't be leaving my house to go snowmobiling this winter without it. Not only will it offer me peace of mind, knowing my sledding partner and I can send for help in case of an emergency, but the Spot Connect will also allow us to see the route we travelled after each trip. As well, we will be able assure our family that we are safe and having fun.

If you're working on your Christmas gift list, the Spot Connect would make a great gift for snowmobilers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Right now, the company is offering a $50 rebate for the Spot Connect, but the offer is only valid until January 31, 2013.

Visit the Spot website for prices and information on Spot satellite service plans.