Burandt’s Lock & Ride Tunnel Bag

Burandt’s Lock & Ride Tunnel Bag
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by Published November 2012

If you’re a mountain rider, you’ve probably run into the problem of not having enough storage on your sled, and some avalanche packs don’t provide much space for anything other than a shovel and probe. 

With that in mind, the experts in accessories and apparel at Polaris Industries came up with another option for storing goods on your machine—Burandt's Lock & Ride Tunnel Bag.

Inspired by top backcountry sledder Chris Burandt and leading gear bag manufacturer Ogio International, Burandt's Lock & Ride Tunnel Bag features 2,500 cubic inches of carrying space for survival gear and other items. It even has a protective padded area where food can be stored and a waterproof section for electronics.

The bag is made of ballistic nylon and truck tarpaulin to give it durability, and it has integrated backpack straps to make it more convenient to carry when it is off the sled. With Polaris’s exclusive Lock & Ride technology, the bag is easy to install and remove.

Burandt's Lock & Ride Tunnel Bag is available at your local Polaris dealership, or it can be ordered online through the Pure Polaris website if you are in the U.S.