Science Hill Drifters snowmobile club “officially” breaks world record

by Kirsten Armleder

Whitecourt World Snowmobile Parade.
The previous world record for longest snowmobile parade was held by a snowmobile club in Roseau, Minnesota. The Whitecourt Traiblazers shattered it on February 12, 2015, with a total of 1,044 sleds. Kirsten Armleder photo

Guinness has updated its world record for the longest parade of snowmobiles, and it’s now the Science Hill Drifters in St. Marys, Ontario, that officially holds the record.

The snowmobile club broke the previous record (which was 821) on February 8, 2015, with a convoy of 847 sleds.

But will the club be able to hang on to it? The Whitecourt Trailblazers in Whitecourt, Alberta, have also sent in its paperwork to Guinness and are awaiting a response to see whether its parade, which took place on February 12, 2015, was actually the largest.

In terms of numbers, it was.

The parade, which was held during the club’s World Snowmobile Invasion, saw a total of 1,044 sleds. But according to the parade co-ordinator Dave Turcotte, there are several rules (such as each machine has to maintain a sled length apart throughout the duration of the parade) that have to met by the club in order to make it official.

Only time will tell if the Trailblazers get the honours or not. Either way, the current world record is now in Canada!

For photos and more information about the parade in Whitecourt, see our report.

Here’s a video of the successful world record attempt in St. Marys:



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