Two snowmobilers race across a trail.
Vermilion's main trail is 16 kilometres long. Photo courtesy of Raj Sandhu/SnowSeekers

Many are hard wired to think ‘mountains’ for their ski or sled getaway, while others recognize the hospitality and the value that comes from a winter adventure in Alberta’s prairies. Here's everything you need to know to snowmobile in Vermilion, Alberta.

How many kilometres of trails are in Vermilion? 

16, plus designated routes out of town.

What is Vermilion known for?

Friendly people. Beckie Scott cross country ski trails. Alberta Provincial Park. The Vermilion Fair. Interesting shopping in historic buildings.

Why do snowmobilers choose to ride in Vermilion?

Ease of access to trail. You can ride from anywhere in town to the trail legally.

What are typical riding conditions in Vermilion?

Trail riding. Not a big snow area. You can usually ride until mid-March.

What are the top trails/riding areas?

There is one main trail. You can often see wildlife, such as moose, deer, coyotes and foxes.

How is the terrain like?

Rolling hills, farm land and some river riding.

Are there any cabins or warm-up shelters in the area?

The Charles Townsend Snowmobile Cabin has a stove, outhouse, fire pit and picnic table. It is located eight kilometres east of Vermilion.

How do you get to the staging area? 

East end of Vermilion by 48th Ave. Most people park their trailers on Railway Ave., east of 43st St. (Vermilion is a grid system).

Is there enough room at the staging area for trucks with big trailers?


What are some of the major annual events and when do they take place?

The Snowmobile Expo is the largest indoor show of its kind in Western Canada. The event includes a vintage sled show. It takes place at the Vermilion Regional Centre on the last Saturday in November.

Snowmobile Drag races as scheduled by Straightline Snowmobile Racing Associate (SSRA).

What is the local snowmobile club?

Vermilion Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club. 

Where can I get a trail pass?

You don’t need specific access from the Club or a Vermilion trail pass, anyone is welcome to sled Vermilion via their ASA pass. Pick one up at Midwest Auto or NAPA Baddock’s in Vermilion.

How much is it for a trail pass or an annual membership? 


How can I join the club?

Purchase an ASA membership at

When and where are club meetings?

Meetings occur between October to March at the Vermilion Elks Hall.

What year was the club started? 


How many members are in the club?


Who is the current club president?

Warren Young

For more information about the club or the area, who can I contact?

Ridge Riders President: Warren Young - 780-581-0716 - [email protected]

Chris Swan - 780-853-7749 - [email protected]

Jim Zadorozny - 780-853-0642 - [email protected]


Provincial rules and regulations

The laws governing snowmobile use differ by province and can be confusing. Here, we make it easier to understand what local and out of province snowmobilers will need in terms of insurance, registration and licensing to ride B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near Vermilion

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