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SnoRiders Magazine Mid Winter 2017 Cover
SnoRiders Magazine Mid Winter 2017

SnoRiders journeys back in time to see how snowmobiling has shaped Canada during its 150 years. What could be more Canadian than making the most out of our long winters? We also present the history of snowmobiles and snow bikes in “Carving a timeline.”


SnoRiders magazine Winter 2016/2017 Cover
SnoRiders magazine Winter 2016/2017

In this issue, our cover story focuses on Scott Kjarsgaard, one of the driving forces behind the quest to turn Cataract Creek, near Calgary, Alberta, into a world-class snowmobile trail system. We also offer some personal, and hair-raising, stories on surviving snowmobile accidents, along with tips to stay safe. And we talk to Laura Rasmussen, the first woman to solo ride an ATV in every province across Canada.

SnoRiders magazine Fall 2016 Cover
SnoRiders magazine Fall 2016

The theme of this issue is Rad Riders: The Coolest People in the Sport. From British Columbia to Saskatchewan and Manitoba and from Alberta to Alaska, read about these local celebs, their obsession with sledding and their recommended local rides. OVER THE TOP AND UNDER THE RADAR: Meet four unsung riders of Western Canada’s very diverse sledding scene.

SnoRiders magazine Mid Winter 2016 Cover
SnoRiders magazine Mid Winter 2016

Snowmobilers in Houston, British Columbia and Yorkton, Saskatchewan have a lot to celebrate—they have just been crowned the 2016 SnoRiders SledTown Champions. Check out their story and get to know the other finalists of this year's SledTown ShowDown competition. Don't forget to enter our 9th Annual ATV Rider's Choice Awards for a chance to win!

SnoRiders magazine Winter 2015/2016 Cover
SnoRiders magazine Winter 2015/2016

Check out our cover story—Take-Off Time: One winter in Revelstoke, B.C. and Morgan Gamache has made a grand re-entry into the sled scene. Discover the final four provincial winners of SledTown ShowDown 2016 and explore the Top 41 Trails in our annual trail atlas.


SnoRiders magazine Fall 2015 Cover
SnoRiders magazine Fall 2015

Behind the Lens: A snowmobiler's journey into the world of photography—this is the story of snowmobiling as seen through rider Brendon Fidek's eyes. A cold winter may be on its way says the Canadian edition of The Old Farmer's Alamanac, plus read about how to vote online for our SledTown ShowDown 2016. Also be sure to check out the winners of the 17th annual SnoRiders Rider's Choice Awards!