Top 10 snowmobile stories of 2016

SnoRiders’ top 10 most-read snowmobiling stories of 2016

by Kirsten Armleder

As we usher in a new year, it is time to stop, reflect and take a look back at the most popular sledding stories on the SnoRiders website (based on pageviews):

1. Weather Predictions For The 2016-2017 Snowmobiling Season In Western Canada

The return of La Niña could bring colder weather and plenty of powder to Western Canada.

2. 2017: Year Of The Snow Bikes?

There are several new and improved snow bike kits on the way for next year, which means 2017 could very well be the year of the snow bikes.

A man in black on a snow bike.
Kirsten Armleder photo

3. The Conversation No Backcountry Snowmobiler Wants To Have But Should

Poor decisions are being made in the backcountry, and we’re all going to suffer if our level of training doesn’t start to catch up with our terrain choices.

two snowmobilers looking at the mountains.
Kirsten Armleder photo

4. Speculation Harley Davidson Could Return To The Snowmobiling Business

“Arctic Cat, Inc. has a snowmobile business that could complement the Harley off-season," says Travis Brown, investor analyst.

A Harley Davidson old snowmobile.
photo courtesy Vintage Snowmobiles

5. Ski-Doo Teases The Industry With Glimpse of 2017 Lineup

With a promise to revolutionize the snowmobile industry, Ski-Doo has riders everywhere buzzing with speculation.

Preview of Gen850 photo

6. It’s Down To The Final Four

Sicamous, Whitecourt, Yorkton and Beausejour are the top four SledTowns in Western Canada.

SledTown ShowDown image
SnoRiders image

7. Then And Now: Confessions Of A Mountain Rider

Thinking back to my introduction to mountain snowmobiling gives me a bit of anxiety.  What did I know about mountain riding?

A woman carving through the snow on her snowmobile.
photo courtesy Trish Drinkle

8. Why Bret Rasmussen Is The Professor Of Mountain Sledding

His story, his technique and his take on the new 2017 Ski-Doo Rev Gen4 850.

Bret Rasmussen dangling a leg off his snowmobile.
Jake Allred photo; photo authorized by permit of USFS

9. Snowmobilers Can Break Down Prejudice

Be a responsible sledder—respecting the backcountry will go a long way in breaking down prejudice.

A man and a woman in the backcountry.
photo courtesy Trish Drinkle

10. Sasha Bodie is An Up-And-Coming Sledder To Keep Your Eye On

This Manitoba girl has her sights set on a career in the snowmobiling industry and she’ll stop at nothing to get there.

Drew DeBacker photo

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