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County of St. Paul

Welcome to the County of St. Paul!

County of St. Paul is where the mountains of snow and miles of trails await you

Snowmobiles in St. Paul

The community of St. Paul is surrounded by boreal forest, wetlands and rolling rangeland

Discover the secrets...

The perfect vacation starting point is located only 1.5 hours northeast of Edmonton in the County of St. Paul.

Including the towns of St. Paul, Elk Point and 12 other communities, the County of St. Paul offers a varied and diverse ethnic heritage that has created a cultural tapestry second to none.

Folks who love winter

Robert Pruneau, a member of the St. Paul Trailblazers Snowmobile Club, talks about why snowmobiling is great. "Sledding allows me to go places that are not accessible any other time of the year," he said. "Only in winter can I travel from land to lakes and rivers and not have to change means of transportation. Many places are also off limits at any other time of the year. Also, the best part is no dust or bugs!" says Pruneau. He adds "living in northeastern Alberta means sledding is a way of life."

County of St. Paul Information


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5015 49 Avenue
St. Paul, AB
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