CBK-X Winter Blitzville 2.0

by Kyle Born

A snowmobiler gets major air before landing on a ramp.
Snowmobiles got major air at Winter Blitzville last year. Amie Lubbers photo

Gold medalist X games champion Brett Turcotte is coming back to Cranbrook for the second annual CBK-X Winter Blitzville. The event will once again be held on the B.C. Family Day long weekend, on Saturday, February 15, 2020.

Like last year, several ramps will be set up along Baker Street, which will be rigged with pyro. Turcotte and his crew will perform two twenty minute shows where they will pull off death-defying, high-energy stunts in mid-air while onlookers marvel at the triumphant feats of magnificence.

To get a better understanding of what to expect at CBK-X Winter Blitzville, check out these 8 wicked pics (and 2 rad vids) from last year’s inaugural event.

CBK-X Winter Blitzville:

What: Free outdoor event featuring fireworks, live music and three of the most talented freestyle snowmobilers on the planet.
Where: Baker Street, Cranbrook, B.C.
When: February 15, 2020
Who: Brett Turcotte and other high-profile freestyle snowmobilers. Musical acts to be announced at a later date.
Why: To blow your mind with explosive awesomeness.

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