Alberta snow show a success

SnoRiders contributing writer Trish Drinkle shares her highlights from the Alberta Snowmobile and Powersports Show in Edmonton, Alberta

by Trish Drinkle

A group shot of women and girls wearing bright red jerseys.
Representatives for the Betties Powersports Network were in attendance at the snow show to promote the sport and recruit new members. Brook Evans photo

The 2012 Alberta Snowmobile and Powersports Show—which took place October 26 to 28—was a success of epic proportions, according to Peri Price, organizer of this year’s event. Attendance and sales were up significantly from the 2011 show. Many vendors recorded record sales, generating income greater than even the Toronto Snowmobile and ATV Show. The 25th anniversary of the Alberta snow show was a success.

Snow show highlights

There were 152 vendors in total from all over Western Canada as well as some from the U.S. and eastern Canada. There were obvious favourites and MotorFist LCC was one of them. For their dealers, the MotorFist representatives were there to offer support. They went so far as to recruit members from the website forum,, to help their vendors set up and take down their booths. From a vendor’s perspective, that was beyond awesome. 

509 Inc. arrived in a big way. The huge semi trailer filled with 509 helmets, goggles and swag drew crowds of people. They too were there to support their Canadian 509 dealers at the show. 

The Mod Rods guys and their unique sense of humour were like icing on the cake. Their booth held a plethora of goodies—from vents, shirts and yes, their Mod Rods heartbreaker hoochie mannequin. 

The Betties Powersports Network was there in full force. Tamara Osborne and other members of the crew reached out to budding betties while other new recruits helped to network the project even further. The Bettie’s premiere and shindig was a smashing success, raising over $1,000 for the Canadian Avalanche Centre. The snowmobile industry arrived in huge proportions to support the Betties. It’s going to be a wonderful year for these women. 

Snowmobile film biggies, such as Phatty and Smasher from Boondocker’s 9, were there showcasing their latest films. Jim Phelan, Mark Mesenbrink (a.k.a. the most cuddly man on the planet), Randy Swenson and Tina Thomas brought it big time for Team Thunderstruck. Fourcast movie producer Jorli Ricker unveiled his latest movie Fourcast II and it received rave reviews at their premiere on Saturday night. 

The BoonDocker Turbo Performance booth was always packed. Rocky Young and Reid Hedlund are big attractions, as is Jared Sessions, but when you add Chris Burandt to the mix, it takes the word “crowded” to a whole new level. Burandt was a good sport and made sure everyone left with a smile.

It was great to see people signing up for local snowmobile clubs. Representatives from the Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club, Fernie Snowmobile Club, Revelstoke Snowmobile Society and the Valemount Area Recreation Development Association were just some of the clubs there welcoming memberships.

Connecting with our peeps

For Main Jet Motorsports, it was our first year as a vendor, and let me say, we have a whole new level of respect and appreciation for what the vendors endure setting up, operating and dismantling their booths. The pace is hectic and full of energy and excitement. There were so many reunions and stories to catch up on. We are all the same people, sledheads. A sense of peace and knowing occurs when you are surrounded by like-minded people. The jokes from year to year continue like we’ve never missed a beat. Our Facebook “friends” come to life as we put names to the faces. We are a tight-knit group to say the least.

And so another shred season is officially kicked off! Have an epic braap season, my friends. Ride safe and ride hard!

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