Old Sled Sighting: 1970’s Yamaha Enticer—power and performance

With power and quick, precise handling, the Yamaha Enticer sleds were known for their cutting edge technology.

A vintage Yamaha Enticer sitting in a backyard.
A Yamaha Enticer spotted in a backyard near Nelson, B.C. Photo courtesy Keith Powell

 As I have said many times before, you just never know where you will make an Old Sled Sighting. Recently I was traveling in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia near Nelson and I spied a 1970's Yamaha Enticer sitting in someone’s backyard, alongside a meandering creek.

So I quickly stopped and snapped a couple photos, always pleased to find another old sled to share.

These Yamaha Enticers were famous as high performance machines. They featured some of the snowmobile industry's cutting edge snowmobile technology at the time. In 1979, Japanese manufacturer Yamaha was making a pretty major impact on the snowmobile world in a lot of things they were doing—they were incorporating numerous innovations into their high performance sleds. Yamaha released a new line of snowmobiles under the Enticer model name – these machines quickly became known for their high speed performance (often called one of the industry’s original muscle sleds) and for their long-range riding capabilities.

The Yamaha 340 Enticer sported a 338cc twin motor which delivered muscle, smooth responsive performance and quick, precise handling that was nothing short of exhilarating. Plus the 340 ET had a 7-gallon gas tank for long range riding and two roomy storage compartments.

A 1970’s era Yamaha advertisement read like this: "Thrills and Frills – Introducing a new member of the (Yamaha) Enticer family, the Enticer 340 Deluxe. Like the popular ET 340, it comes with all the power, performance, handling and excitement you expect."

Other Enticer features included: A monocoque frame made from strong, lightweight aluminum; Wide-stance skis; slide rail suspension with Monoshock system; deep-profile, dual-internal-drive track and a decompression system for easy pull-starting.

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