Hay Days 2013 photo gallery

Here are some photos that SnoRiders contributing writer and Ski-Doo brand ambassador Dave Norona brought back from Hay Days 2013

by Dave Norona

People milling around a green arctic cat and an orange and white arctic cat.
Hay Days is where all the industry’s leading product manufacturers and OEMs gather to showcase their new lineups. The event also brings in big name athletes and snowmobile reps from Canada, the U.S. and even Europe. Dave Norona photo

The 47th annual Hay Days snowmobile event kicked off this weekend with over 60 acres of everything snowmobile! From the shiny brand new machines of the big four manufacturers to the ultimate aftermarket gadgets to lighten and soup up your current sled to every spare part needed for that 1970s vintage sled still running in your garage—Hay Days is where it’s at.

More than 20,000 people step through this ultimate sledding event each year and each minute of every day is jam-packed with racing events, seminars, new sled and parts reveals and a swap meet that takes more than two days to see; it is something everyone has to visit once in their life. 

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