Cain’s Quest

people sledding on a wide open snowy plain
Cain's Quest tests the endurance of hardcore sledders. Cain's Quest Inc. photo

Where: Labrador City, Newfoundland 

When: February 28th - March 10th, 2018

Beginning and ending in Labrador City, Newfoundland, this grueling race will test the skills of even the most die-hard sledder. Cain's Quest takes place every two years, and is known for being among the most intense winter endurance races in the world. Riders come from across the globe to compete and share their passion for the sport of snowmobiling.

Racers start preparing months in advance, saving their money for travel, fuel and entry fees. It adds up to a substantial amount, but is more than worth it for those motivated to test themselves in this extreme event. Many snowmobilers also choose to modify their sleds, making sure the machines are able to handle the various types of terrain they will encounter on the trails. Some areas may have little to no snow, and others may have deep it pays to plan ahead and be ready for anything.

The race itself starts on March 2nd - but you won't want to miss the Cain's Quest fan night, sled drop and racer check-in on February 28th, or the racer meeting and start line position draw/press conference on March 1st. 

During the race, there are several family-friendly events that take place at key points along the route, so supporters can come out to cheer on the participants.

You can keep up wiith the newest entrants and see the current list of racers, if you're curious who is on the roster so far.

To learn more, check out the route map, and visit the Cain's Quest website.

Keeping track of the racers

The Cain's Quest tracking page can help people at home keep track of the riders and their progress along the Cain's Quest route. The 2018 event will feature GPS satellite technology provided by YB Tracking. The company's latest system - the YB 3 - is the perfect choice for this race, as it is designed to withstand even the most brutal winter conditions.

Get some stellar merchandise

If you are lucky enough to attend or enter the Cain's Quest event, you'll want a souvenir to remember it by. The website has a merchandise shop where you can purchase Cain's Quest apparel, collectibles and other items to show your support.

Places to stay and things to do while in the area

While you will likely be preoccupied with the race for most of your stay, those travelling to Labrador may also wish to see what else is going on in the area.

There are several quality accommodation options, and in addition to sledding, you can take part in the excellent snowshoeing and cross-country skiing opportunities that Labrador offers.

Have a look at the Cain's Quest Plan Your Stay page to find links to visitor information, a business directory and activities you can enjoy.

How to get involved

The event organizers are also looking for volunteers and sponsors - this is a fantastic opportunity to promote your business, take part in the fun and support local recreation at the same time. For more information, check out the volunteer/sponsor page.

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