AMA Championship Snow Bike Series

Sarah Whipple racing snow bikes in West Yellowstone.
The series features championship classes for both men and women. Kirsten Armleder photo

The snow bike industry is on fire, and the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has jumped on board. This winter, the AMA is sanctioning a nine-round championship series that will take place in seven U.S. states. Professional athletes Ronnie Rennie, Reagan Sieg and Brock Hoyer are in the mix. For more information, see the website.

Here's the schedule:

Round 1
Minneapolis, Minnesota 
December 18, 2016

Round 2
Morgan, Utah
January 14, 2017

Round 3
McCall, Idaho
January 18, 2017

Round 4
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
February 11, 2017

Round 5
Denmark, Wisconsin
February 19, 2017

Round 6
West Yellowstone, Montana
March 12, 2017

Round 7
Oregon (location to be announced)
March 25, 2017

Round 8
Boise, Idaho
April 8, 2017

Round 9
California (location to be announced)
May 13, 2017

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